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Summer News – August 6th 2013

It felt at points last year that once the Olympics were over that we were in a period of mourning and that nothing could ever match that particular triumph. However, another year, another summer of absolutely fascinating occurrences, sports and otherwise.

Speaking of the Olympics, we’ve just had the anniversary games and all those that were there, rekindled that special feeling, especially with the appearances of two of the world’s great double gold medal winners, Farah & Bolt. With the World Athletic Championships just round the corner in Moscow, it warmed us up nicely for the battles ahead.

Yet another Great Briton, made their mark on the summer of 2014. Lewis Hamilton, made other leading racing drivers a little nervous by securing his 3rd pole position in a row, but more importantly, converting his pole into a win for Mercedes in Hungary, his fourth win at the Budapest track. Hats off to Jenson Button for delaying Vettal, aiding and abetting in the first British win of the season. 

A nod to the more overlooked sports where Britons have done well in the last week. Liam Phillips secured the world title at the BMX World Championships in Auckland. Not only did he win but win in some style by coming first in every race in the series. Also congratulations to Gary Hunt who, almost under the radar, when all eyes were on Tom Daley, came 2nd in the High Diving at the Fina World Championships.  Congratulations Gary, the way it’s shaping up, it may be the only medal we bag at the Championships.

During this summer, it’s impossible to complete a blog without mentioning the ashes. First day at the renovated Old Trafford, sees Australia at 206/3 as I type. How it unfolds is up for grabs but already disputes over the DRS system and proving to be the hot topic of conversation. Hope this doesn’t prove to be the deciding factor in this test; Given the way the others have panned out, we doubt it.

On a more social note, Danilo would like to take the opportunity to welcome, HRH Prince George of Cambridge. Congratulations to William and Kate. A beautiful bouncing boy, we wish you all a great summer ahead.

Sadly we lost one of our comedic greats with the passing of Mel Smith. Mel helped to mould the history of recent British comedy, appearing in ‘Not the Nine O’clock News’ and ‘Alas Smith & Jones’. He will be greatly missed.

Finally, the transfer market is gearing up to be one of the best, at the moment it’s definitely a case of slowly, slowly, catchy monkey. It seems no-one wants to sell but everyone wants to move.  Will Rooney go to Chelsea? Will Suarez go to Arsenal; Will Bale go to Real Madrid? And the latest off the block; Will Barton go to Everton? It really is anybody’s guess. Who goes where and for how much? Here at Danilo we can’t see Fabregas ending up at Old Trafford, but who knows. It really is a case of money talks and player power. However it falls, Monday 2nd September is sure to throw up some last minute, behind the scenes dealings. Keep your eyes peeled and what ever happens, we at Danilo promise to keep you abreast both by blog & with our official range of licensed football calendars. Happy speculating. Catch us at &