5 Top Tips on how to be more organised for 2014

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Now that Christmas is well and truly over (booo!), it’s time to start those New Year’s resolutions. Most people will be opting for the regular choices such as losing weight, stop smoking, learn something new etc but if yours is to be more organised, then this is the perfect article for you!

As Europe’s number one official calendar and diary publisher, we like to think of ourselves as an organised bunch (most of the time anyway) and therefore want to spread the word to all the disorganised and disordered souls out there to encourage a positive 2014!

So on that note, we hope you enjoy our top 5 tips and find them useful. In addition, if you have any recommendations of your own, please do tell us below as we’d love to see them! J

Tip One: De-cluttering

 Applicable to both work and home, allocate some time to sort through and cleanse each room (or your desk if at work). Take a few hours to sort section by section and remove what isn’t necessary or used. Try to avoid just reorganising your clutter here!  It is also a good idea to initially put items into separate ‘stay’ ’rubbish’ and ‘storage’ boxes.

At work, also take some time to sort through all your emails, ensuring you unsubscribe to any emails you no longer read.

Extra tip: To give yourself an extra incentive, why not plan something nice to reward yourself for when you complete each room.

Tip Two: Create clear goals

Think about what goals you want to achieve for this year. These could be in relation to home, work, family, friends, personal development etc. Set yourself a target, then make a list of the steps you’ll need to make in order to get there. It will also seem less daunting and more easily achievable if your break it down into small steps.

Tip Three: Write important tasks and dates down

To help achieve your goals, and remember important information and dates, invest in a 2014 calendar and/or diary and keep it somewhere safe (and somewhere you know you will check it often!). This will ensure you don’t forget, or double book yourself on important events such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings etc.

If money levels are running a bit low, you could also create a monthly budget planner, ensuring that big expenses such as car insurance, tax, mortgage/rent payments are taken into account and planned for.

Extra Tip: Create a to-do list at work as well as at home, to be updated at end of each day before leaving the office. This will not only help keep you organised but allow you to relax more outside of work, knowing you don’t have to keep reminding yourself to do X,Y or Z the next day.

Tip Four: Set up new Systems

Setting up new systems, both at home and at work, will help you keep everything orderly and structured. This might include keeping a file for important household information (Bills, Car tax, insurance policies, bank statements etc) as both a physical and computer file, setting up direct debits to pay bills automatically so you don’t miss a payment (plus companies sometimes offer a discount for choosing this method) or ensuring you have a consistent safe place to keep important items such as keys, wallet or phone. Although make sure they are not so near the front door they could be stolen.

Tip Five: Buy items in advance

Don’t wait till the day before to buy birthday or Christmas cards and gifts as it is often stressful and can mean you pay more. Instead make a list of loved one’s names and write potential gift ideas for birthdays and Christmas and every time you are out shopping try and buy at least one item from the list and tick it off.

Extra Tip: Also stock up on a variety of greetings cards in the sales and store in a designated ‘card drawer’ at home. This will mean if you need a card at the last minute you have one ready.


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