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8 Simple Ways to Make Mother’s Day Special

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With origins as far back as the Ancients Greeks, Mother’s Day is a special occasion that provides us with the opportunity to show mums just how much we appreciate them.

Now, with only a few days on the calendar left till the big day, daughters, sons and husbands alike will be deciding what they can do to make it the best Mother’s Day yet!

You may already know how you want to say ‘Thank You’ but if you’re stuck for ideas then read on as we have 8 simple, and hopefully helpful, suggestions for you…

  1. Create a personal photo album – Include old and new photos, keepsakes, meaningful quotes etc. And why not add hand-written thank you messages from each family member (and friends too if you like) to make it even more special.


  1. Make her a cup of tea /coffee and breakfast in bed – Whilst this is quite common practice already on Mother’s Day, perhaps add little touches like including her favourite magazine / newspaper, some flowers and a nice Mother’s Day Card. If you’re feeling really creative why not present her with a home-made breakfast menu (perhaps after allowing her a nice sleep in too) and she can choose what she’d like.


  1. Clean the House – Either the night before of that morning before mum wakes up. It’s no surprise that studies have shown that a clean and tidy home has a direct, positive impact on our moods and energy levels. So cleaning, polishing, tidying and hoovering away will mean mum is more likely to enjoy her day!


  1. Book her a beauty appointment – As a nice surprise, why not book her favourite treatment at a local spa. If you drive then you can even act as Chauffeur for the day – taking her to and from her appointment.


  1. Bake her a cake – With quick and easy recipes from websites like BBC Good Food, you can treat your mum to her favourite cake no-fuss required!


  1. Create a personal gift hamper – Fill a basket with all your mum’s favourite things as a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift. You can even include a framed picture of the family.


  1. Organise a treasure hunt – As an alternative to the hamper, if you have a few small gifts already, why not hide them around the house and create fun clues for her to go and find them.


  1. Create a special Mother’s Day voucher book – If you’re a bit strapped for cash then this is ideal. Make her a voucher book full of favours such as “doing the washing up”, “taking mum for dinner at nice restaurant” or whatever you’d like, which she can redeem at any time.

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