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We would like to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to all our fantastic customers, whose continual support means we can continue to do what we love!

Have a lovely Christmas and New Years from the Danilo Team x


Please Note that Customer Services will be closed for the holiday season from 22nd December to 2nd January 2018. All correspondence and orders made during this time will be responded to on Wednesday 3rd January when we reopen


We put Top Gear Presenters Rory Reid, Chris Harris and Matt LeBlanc under the spotlight in our latest Q&A:

1. What was the favourite place you visited from last series?

Rory: So far, that would have to be Kazakhstan, as it’s so vastly different to anywhere else I’ve ever visited. The landscape, the culture and the customs are all fascinating, as are the people. Being a bit of a stargazer, I was doubly fascinated with thevplace as it’s home to the Baikonor Cosmodrome, from where  the very first people were launched into space.

Chris: There were parts of Montenegro that I loved – I remember standing with Matt on top of a mountain looking down onto a lake… I loved Montenegro.


2. What’s been your favourite car to drive in this series?

Matt: The Lamborghini Huracan was a fun car to spin around

Rory: Volkswagen Golf GTI. Sabine and I did that film. It’s such a good car. It is not on the level of a Porsche but in the right hands it is quicker.

Chris: I had a full 11/10, out of body of moment when I drove Ferrari FXX K. That woke me up proper sideways. It does 120mph. Nobody else had driven it before. Amazing.


3. What’s been the funniest moment on the show?

Chris: In TV you want things to happen, in Top Gear we want things to happen. But when an unscheduled crash happens it can be quite funny – it wasn’t at the time but looking back it was funny.

Rory: Watching Chris Harris attempt to drift an Alfa Romeo through the narrowest of gaps. I won’t spoil it for you, and I really shouldn’t laugh, but I nearly fell out of my chair.


4. What is your favourite racing track to drive on?

Chris: How many other people have drifted a Ferrari FXX K around Daytona? I like drifting stuff that shouldn’t be drifted. When someone tells me ‘that’s not a car that should be drifted’, I’ll go against that and say yes, it is.


5. If you had an unlimited budget what would be your dream car?

Chris: It changes on a daily basis because I’m a car enthusiast. For me today I woke up and wanted a 1974 Porsche 911 GT3 RS – it’s one of the best cars driven and about £1.2 million pounds sterling.

Rory: Probably the Bugatti Chiron. I didn’t like the look of them at first, but the design has really grown on me and the performance speaks for itself.


 6. Which car best represents you / your personality? / Describe each other.

What’s Rory like?

Chris: He is competitive, he is a perfectionist and he has an interest in the style of cars that I love seeing. I love seeing things that I don’t really get. Matt He has this boyish quality to him that gives the audience a voyeuristic view of what we are doing. He has this bright eyed excitement about it all, which is really endearing and fun to be around.

And Matt?

Chris: He is a big friendly bear, he is much wiser than people give credit for and he has seen it all. I think people will be surprised to see his driving skills.


And if you’re a Top Gear fan, then don’t forget you can purchase the Official Top Gear 2018 Desk Easel Calendar and the Official Top Gear 2018 Calendar at Calendar Club, HMV, WH Smith and online at danilo.com (with Free UK Delivery) and Amazon UK – they make great Christmas Stocking Fillers!



dan and laurence

Laurence Prince, Owner and Chairman of Danilo Promotions Ltd is delighted to announce the appointment of his son Daniel Prince to the position of Managing Director from January 1st  2018.

Daniel joined Danilo in 2001 and has certainly served his apprenticeship in the licenced calendar and greeting world, he launched Danilo’s first sound card ranges as well as website personalise.com where you can customise your own licensed card and calendar

In addition to strong calendar and diary portfolio, gift-wrap and greetings cards sales have gone from strength to strength with over 11 million Cards and over 5 million gift-wrap products being sold annually. Danilo are now No 1 in the licensed greetings card industry.

Daniel added: ‘I’m thrilled to be starting this new post in January. At Danilo we can react quickly to trends, we have a well established retail distribution, a newly expanded in-house Design team of ten led by Creative Director Martin Carter, and we are aiming to be THE ‘go to’ company for Licensed Greeting Cards, Calendars and Gift Wrap in the future. We are looking forward to 2018 when we celebrate our 40th  trading year, and adding new licenses to our portfolio from Roald Dahl, World of Walliams (David), Jurassic World, The Gruffalo, L.O.L and one we are all incredibly excited about Peter Rabbit!”

We all wish Daniel the best of luck in starting his brand new role at the company!


With nearly 5 million official calendars sold by Danilo annually leading up to their 40th year in 2018, we’re delighted that Little Mix finishes an amazing year by being top of the Entertainment 2018 Calendar chart!

Music and Entertainment Top Ten for 2018 titles

1)     Little Mix (5)                                       

2)       Harry Potter (7)

3)       Ciiff Richard (10)

4)       Rick and Morty (NE)

5)        Elvis Presley (6)

6)       Starwars Episode 8 (8)

7)       Minecraft

8)       Kylie (14)

9)       JoJo Siwa (NE)

10)   Kelly Brook (15)

With Harry Potter back in a top slot, we also see some new additions this year including the wacky animation and hugely popular TV series Rick and Morty plus You Tube sensation JoJo Siwa !


Sport Top Ten for 2018 titles

1)    Man United (2)

2)    Liverpool (1)

3)   Tottenham Hotspur (17)

4)   Chelsea (16)

5)   Arsenal (11)

6)   World Wrestling Entertainment(18)

7)    Manchester City (NE)

8)   England Rugby Team

9)   Newcastle United

20)   England Cricket Team

Every year, Man United and Liverpool battle it out on the field and in the Calendar chart plus Tottenham Hotspurs moves above Arsenal and Chelsea for the first time in over 15 years! Delighted to see new additions WWE, England Rugby and England Cricket Calendars also awarded a spot on the Top Ten Sports Chart.


*DANILO CALENDARS are the biggest producers of licensed Calendars and Cards in Europe, establish 39 years ago, check out http://www.danilo.com

** This annual chart is compiled of sales from Danilo on line, HMV, Tesco, Calendar Club, Amazon, together with retail chains and independent retailers around the UK and sales abroad.


Born in Treherbert, Wales, Keri Davies is a producer and writer, best known for his work on BBC radio soap opera The Archers. Keri was formerly the show’s senior producer but since 2003, he has been a scriptwriter.

Keri is also involved in putting together the ever-popular Official The Archers Calendar! As well as sourcing some of the smaller Archers portrait photos, Keri’s main role is to write the copy that accompanies each month – which among other things means adapting and testing the recipes! 😉

We asked Keri the following questions:

1. How long have you been a scriptwriter for The Archers?

I’ve written scripts for The Archers since 2003. Before that I was the programme’s Senior Producer and subsequently its Web Producer. I’ve been working on the programme in various capacities since 1992.

2. Who is your favourite character?

This is a really difficult one, as there are so many wonderful characters in The Archers. I do like to write comedy, so it’s great to have characters that can carry that off, like Jazzer McCreary, Brian Aldridge, Lynda Snell, Susan Carter, Eddie Grundy, Joe Grundy… I could go on – but I won’t.

3. What has been your favourite plotline?

I’m going to go back to well before I worked on The Archers, to my early days as a listener. Young Shula Archer (now Hebden-Lloyd) and her boyfriend Nigel Pargetter got up to all sorts of scrapes – including Nigel illegally driving away a car because he thought it was Shula’s. It was great fun to listen to, and it started me on a habit which became a lifetime’s pleasure – and a quarter century of work, too.

4. What is the best part of your job?

Knowing that what I do affects people – it moves them, cheers them up – and sometimes, as with our recent story of domestic abuse, it can shed a light on real-life issues.

5. What do you like to do when you’re not working on The Archers?

Music and dancing. I sing in a choir, play drums and various other instruments and am always up for a dance. Recently I’ve been learning swing dancing.

Don’t forget you can pick up your official copy of The Archers 2018 Calendar now with FREE UK Delivery (Worldwide Delivery also available)

The Archers 12x12 2018 Calendar (1)


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Ranging from Marvel’s hit films Guardians of the Galaxy Volume II, Spider-man Homecoming and Thor: Ragnarok through to DC Comic’s popular Wonder Woman and Justice League (released in UK Cinemas today!) 2017 has certainly been a great year for  superhero movies.

And now you can spend all of next year with your favourite heroes with the Official 2018 Calendars and Diaries. The ideal way to stay organised at home or at the office PLUS you receive FREE UK Delivery when you order from Danilo.com website.

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Marvel Comics 2018 Wall Calendars (including Colouring In Calendar), Desk Calendars and Diary

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Marvel Superheroes 2018 Calendars

DC Comics and Superhero 2018 Calendars


GREAT NEWS… Popular film Despicable Me 3 is now out on DVD and Blu-Ray! Plus we’re delighted that the Official Despicable Me 3 Official 2018 Wall Calendars, Desk Calendar, 2018 Diary, Greetings Card Range, Gift Wrap and Gift Bag being available to order now at Danilo.comALL WITH FREE UK DELIVERY! (Worldwide delivery also available)


To celebrate this minion madness, we’ve got some ….

Fantastic FREE Despicable Me 3 Activity Sheets which you can download / print now!

Just click on the links below….







The perfect way to keep any minions fans amused!  🙂