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Amy Rowley is Danilo’s Sales Office Manager, who has a proficient background working in retail. She has indulged her passion for art and design over the past few years and has even studied and gained a qualification in graphic design, inspiring her to follow trends and culture within the art and design world.

Since joining Danilo Promotions in 2016, Amy has fully immersed herself in the culture and dynamics of the Danilo team, and continues to give fantastic customer service whilst always striving to maximise sales and she remains a strong asset to the company.

So, in order to get to know Amy a little bit better, we asked her a few questions about herself and her career…

1.What was your previous job to Danilo?

Before joining Danilo my first ever job was in retail, aged 16, which spanned across 6 years, in various companies and departments such as admin and customer services.

2. What do you most enjoy about your role at Danilo?

My role is very diverse, no two days are the same at Danilo. I enjoy working in such a friendly industry and I also love working with so many fun and exciting brands every day, especially Disney and Harry Potter to name a few!

3.Who would play you in a film of your life?

I quite like the idea of the film of my life being an animation so I would like to see myself brought to life as a cartoon character 😊

4.What 3 words would friends / family / colleagues use to describe you?

I think I would be described as patient, fun and probably clumsy!

5. Whose Calendar have you got on your wall this year?

This year I have the Disney vintage posters calendar, it’s on my fridge and features lots of my childhood faves like Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan, it’s great and is obviously a Danilo calendar!

6.What is the best piece of advice you’ve received?

Always treat everybody the way you would like to be treated!

Danilo’s National Sales Manager, Deryl Thomas, comments: “Amy is a very proficient employee and provides invaluable support to the account managers such as myself. She is professional and has a very positive manner when dealing with customers. A great asset to the sales team.”

To contact Amy if you have any questions about Danilo, please email



We put Top Gear Presenters Rory Reid, Chris Harris and Matt LeBlanc under the spotlight in our latest Q&A:

1. What was the favourite place you visited from last series?

Rory: So far, that would have to be Kazakhstan, as it’s so vastly different to anywhere else I’ve ever visited. The landscape, the culture and the customs are all fascinating, as are the people. Being a bit of a stargazer, I was doubly fascinated with thevplace as it’s home to the Baikonor Cosmodrome, from where  the very first people were launched into space.

Chris: There were parts of Montenegro that I loved – I remember standing with Matt on top of a mountain looking down onto a lake… I loved Montenegro.


2. What’s been your favourite car to drive in this series?

Matt: The Lamborghini Huracan was a fun car to spin around

Rory: Volkswagen Golf GTI. Sabine and I did that film. It’s such a good car. It is not on the level of a Porsche but in the right hands it is quicker.

Chris: I had a full 11/10, out of body of moment when I drove Ferrari FXX K. That woke me up proper sideways. It does 120mph. Nobody else had driven it before. Amazing.


3. What’s been the funniest moment on the show?

Chris: In TV you want things to happen, in Top Gear we want things to happen. But when an unscheduled crash happens it can be quite funny – it wasn’t at the time but looking back it was funny.

Rory: Watching Chris Harris attempt to drift an Alfa Romeo through the narrowest of gaps. I won’t spoil it for you, and I really shouldn’t laugh, but I nearly fell out of my chair.


4. What is your favourite racing track to drive on?

Chris: How many other people have drifted a Ferrari FXX K around Daytona? I like drifting stuff that shouldn’t be drifted. When someone tells me ‘that’s not a car that should be drifted’, I’ll go against that and say yes, it is.


5. If you had an unlimited budget what would be your dream car?

Chris: It changes on a daily basis because I’m a car enthusiast. For me today I woke up and wanted a 1974 Porsche 911 GT3 RS – it’s one of the best cars driven and about £1.2 million pounds sterling.

Rory: Probably the Bugatti Chiron. I didn’t like the look of them at first, but the design has really grown on me and the performance speaks for itself.


 6. Which car best represents you / your personality? / Describe each other.

What’s Rory like?

Chris: He is competitive, he is a perfectionist and he has an interest in the style of cars that I love seeing. I love seeing things that I don’t really get. Matt He has this boyish quality to him that gives the audience a voyeuristic view of what we are doing. He has this bright eyed excitement about it all, which is really endearing and fun to be around.

And Matt?

Chris: He is a big friendly bear, he is much wiser than people give credit for and he has seen it all. I think people will be surprised to see his driving skills.


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Danilo Q & A with Michelle Keegan

2014 has been a busy year for the lovely Michelle Keegan, and in particular, we’re delighted that this year marks her first ever Official Calendar!

We caught up with Michelle and she very kindly answered our questions:

Q:So Michelle, what is your favourite calendar date in your year and is there a date in 2015 you are looking forward too?

A:My favourite calendar date in the year is Christmas day – I start looking forward to it around the beginning of September and start getting the decorations out VERY early December. The date I am looking forward to most in 2015 is my wedding but i cant tell you when it is, sorry!

Q: Which month’s picture in your Calendar is your favourite?

A: Its SO hard to pick one month. I really do love them all, its one of my favourite all time shoots! If I had to pick I would say January as its got a JLo vibe to it, or May. May started as an extra shot, we didn’t actually have this look in the mood board, but when we looked through all the shots, we decided it had to be in there.

Q: Which Calendar will you have on your wall in 2015?

A: I will definitely have a Mark Wright calendar on my wall, mainly because we live together and he has got a few copies in his possession ha!

Q: Which film role are you currently filming?

A: I’m currently filming a Red Productions 6 part drama for the BBC called Ordinary Lies. It has a brilliant cast such as Mackenzie Crook, Jason Manford, Sally Lindsay and Jo Joyner and Max Beesley and I’m honoured to be part of it. I think it will be onscreen late Spring 2015.

Q: Dec 31st is a big diary date for everyone, where will you be and who with?

A: I have no idea where I will be yet, but I imagine I will be with Mark and some friends!

Q: You have made your calendar debut, do you have another planned for 2016?

A: Maybe! I’m thinking about it, depends on getting the right location, team and time to be able to shoot it.

Q: Is Mark your favourite to win Strictly? Can you ballroom dance and is he teaching you? 

A: Yes of course he is! He has been training so hard and I’m very proud of him. I can’t dance very well at all, so maybe he will teach me a few moves yeah!

Michelle Keegan 2015 Calendar

Michelle Keegan 2015 Calendar

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