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Homer Simpson is the most liked TV / Celebrity dad, in an on line poll of 1,000 UK people by Danilo, Europe’s Number One Official Licensed Card and Calendar Company, as part of their Father’s Day campaign.

When asked which Celebrity / TV dad was the best, over 40% of people voted for Homer Simpson, 2nd was Delboy Trotter/Only Fools and Horses and 3rd Peter Andre. And with advice such as “Kids, you tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is, never try”, Homer reigns as the King of TV dads. Peter Griffin from Family Guy and Stan Smith from American Dad came joint 4th with only 10% of the votes which is an unexpected, considering the popularity of both shows in the UK.

50% of those polled said they would choose a humorous Father’s Day Card, 1 in 4 said they would also prefer a personalized card and only 15% said they would choose an interest-related card such as Golf, Rugby, Football etc.

Despite recent trends saying the public is spending less on cards, this survey shows that 40% would spend between £2-3 on a Father’s Day card and 25% would spend £3 or more. Most would buy a gift to accompany their card, no 1 choice was a gadget, then an outing and clothes; these are the most popular choices. A small number said they would make their own gift and 7% claimed they wouldn’t give their dad a gift at all!

And when it comes to the most important aspect of Father’s Day, 7 in 10 people agreed the No1 choice was time together as a family, 2nd sending a great card and 3rd organsing for dad to enjoy his hobby.

Only 7% people thought that letting dad have a lie-in and the TV control was most important – a statistic we are sure Homer Simpson would strongly disagree with!

Check out our full results in this infographic:

Danilo's Father's Day Survey Infographic

Danilo’s Father’s Day Survey Infographic